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below are the different products WE OFFER USING WORLD FAMOUS RICOGEL or RICOVIS carrageenAN:


FOR meat: ham, turkey or chicken

Carrageenan is used in meat processing. Preferably, it is used in turkey, hams and sausages. The addition of Carrageenan improves slice-ability, lowers cook loss, decreases purge loss, improves texture and overall increases production yield.

For meat processing, we recommend Ricogel 84. It serves as binder and stabilizer for meat products.  Ricogel 84 enhances the water holding capacity and reduces cook loss.

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Recommended use:  0.5 - 1.5% of total weight

Contact us for further pricing, samples and specs sheets.

CM 2.jpg


Ricovis 85 is a special type of Kappa Carrageenan for chocolate milk. Some benefits are:

  • It adds viscosity and excellent mouth feel
  • It suspends cocoa particles
  • It prevents whey-off
  • It improves creaminess

Contact us for further pricing, samples and specs sheets.

Canned pet food.png


There are many functions for Carrageenan in canned pet food.

  1. It effectively binds meat particles and allows homogeneity during                     processing.
  2. It also allows moisture to be consistent throughout the can (approx.           70%-80%). {block name="guanjianci"}{/block}
  3. It is easy to unmold from the can. 
  4. It is capable to withstand retort conditions during processing.

For canned pet food, Ricogel 87 is recommended. 

Contact us for further pricing, samples and specs sheets.


Some advantages of Carrageenan in soft-gel encapsulation include:

  • Production of mechanically strong, elastic film.
  • The ability to be formulated with the use of plasticizers to form a molten mass that sets in less than 20 seconds.
  • Causes a synergistic reaction with hydroxypropyl starch that makes it suitable for rotary die process. 
  • Allows sealing to be performed between 25-80 Celsius degrees.

For veggie-gel and soft-gel capsules, we recommend Ricogel 88

Contact us for further pricing, samples and specs sheets.

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Carrageenan is used in Air Freshener Gels as it is one of the best gelling agents to maintain product stability and prolong fragrance emission.

For Air freshener gels, Ricogel 87 is recommended. 

Contact us for further pricing, samples and specs sheets.

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