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ProPath® Performance Minerals®

A Revolutionary Breakthrough in Animal Nutrition



ProPath® Performance Minerals® is an innovative line of trace minerals that is redefining the premium standard against which all others are compared. Our patented molecule is designed for performance, providing superior uptake and absorption by utilizing the amino acid transport system to deliver the most efficient and effective nutrition on the market. The result of decades of scientific innovation and proven by animal data, ProPath is a breakthrough in premium animal nutrition.

ProPath Performance Minerals are available in our original ProPath formulation for dry feed applications; for liquid feed applications, we have a more concentrated formulation available through our ProPath-LQ line. Exceptionally stable, soluble, and adaptable across species and formulations, ProPath supports outstanding animal health, wellbeing, and performance for operational excellence.

Download our brochure to learn more about how we are forging a superior path to performance.

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